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Successful entrepreneurs believe that determination is the single most important quality that allowed them to grow a prosperous business. Business leaders insist upon finding a way to win; when failure is removed as a potential outcome, all that’s left is success.

Not a Get Rich Quick Book!

All of us know that being an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work, innovation, and creative problem solving while being committed to both personal and professional growth. Does that sound like something you’re willing to do? If so, this book was written for you!

Six Business Owners

Whether you have dreamt of owning your own business or you are already an entrepreneur, from Broke to Success is a powerful manual that includes 30 lessons, offered to you by six successful business owners who excel in a variety of industries.

Thirty Powerful Lessons

These lessons will help you level up in every area of your life and business. The authors share with you the hurdles they’ve overcome, best practices and creative strategies they’ve used to achieve success, so that you can do the same!

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Six Authors

Thirty lessons that will change your life.

Nelson Camp

Real Estate Investment Authority

Born in frigid Churchill, Canada, Nelson has since tried to warm the world with love, inspiration and encouragement. He has dedicated his life to enriching the lives of others through teaching, motivation, and encouragement. Along with his wife Kristine and their three children, they support many community organizations, volunteer their time, and generously give to many charities and good causes.

Nelson is an award-winning real estate investor, author, public speaker and high-level coach for those wanting to learn how to invest in real estate. He is the sole proprietor of a strong-producing portfolio of multi-family buildings, and the president and CEO of several companies, including the N-Gage Group of companies, Money Tree Academy, and Team Made Real Estate. Nelson is the winner of many awards, including Canadian Real Estate Wealth’s Top Alternative Investor, and he was named one of the top 100 most influential people of North America by the John Maxwell Foundation and received the honor of Team Made Real Estate’s People’s Choice Award. He has been featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine over a dozen times because of his expertise in real estate investing.

In addition to FROM BROKE TO SUCCESS, he is also an accomplished author of several books including: Money Tree - How Anyone Can Become a Millionaire in 5 Years Through Real Estate and Thrive - A Collection of Short Pedagogical Plays, and Lifestyle by Design: A guide to Engineering the Life You’ve Always Wanted.

He retired after a rewarding career of 20 years in formal education working as a teacher and guidance counselor. Nelson was awarded a master’s degree in education and continues to bring value to others as a coach and a dynamic speaker in areas related to real estate, business, entrepreneurship, mental health, mindset, and motivation. He has a core goal of continuing to make a difference in the lives of others through empowerment, education and promoting lifestyle by design.

For more information on Nelson Camp or to book him for a speaking event, please visit

Jason Greschuk

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor

Jason Greschuk began his business career out of necessity after the loss of his father. His first foray into business was as a franchisee for a student based painting company at 21 years old, where he set records that still stand today. Promoted to the position of district manager with the same company for the next two years, Jason oversaw and provided business consulting to 25+ franchisees across Central Canada and, in doing so, oversaw millions of dollars of business every year. Leaving the franchising world, Jason founded Stratford Price, an investment company that acquires businesses and real estate. The first venture in his portfolio was in a realm he was very familiar with, commercial painting. Thus, Stratford Price Painting was founded in 2014. In the same year, Jason also launched Stratford Price Capital, his real estate company.

Jason understands business owners, and specializes in helping owners make sense of the pressures on them personally and professionally, guiding them toward the best decisions. He is passionate about helping owners develop sound principles that lead their company to create a culture of loyalty and commitment, a business philosophy Jason calls “business romance.” Jason and his team also specialize in structuring companies, so they are designed to produce predictable profit. Jason’s skill set can be summarized in his ability to grow people and companies.

Jason enjoys a close relationship with his family and friends. Along with his older brother Ryan, and mother Grace, they launched in 2019, an organization dedicated to helping men maintain fun and adventure in their lives.

Jason is from Winnipeg, a fun-loving entrepreneur, writer, and sports enthusiast with contagious energy.

Kevin Kozakewich

Physical Branding Expert

With the goal of creating local jobs, Kevin had one focus on his mind, helping local business owners develop stronger relationships with their clients. In preparation for this, he took the time to specialize in various industries such as eCommerce, importation, retail storefronts, trade shows, and wholesale distribution, finally entering the physical branding industry, where his talents can best serve those around him.

His brand, PHYSICAL BRANDING AGENCY, currently works with over 35,000 North American businesses, providing clients withimmediate, valuable advice, and access to the newest, most impactful physical branding to date.

In addition, Kevin is able to help businesses with their brand presence, scalability, and sustainable growth, with a focus on automation, innovation, community growth, and business to business (B2B) ventures.

Outside of business, Kevin believes that real mentorship should be accessible to those who need it, provided by real business owners who have already built a successful business themselves. This motivated Kevin to start several initiatives: bringing together successful business owners from various demographics to write this book, hosting free monthly entrepreneurial events, with the goal of helping new and existing entrepreneurs connect and work together towards mutual success.

Jonathan Lipson

Canada's Premier Wealth Coach

Jonathan has built a life exploring what other people told him NOT to do. Whether it was acting, singing, writing, employment, or business, the majority of his activities up to now have been met with massive opposition. Jonathan responded to this with furious determination and unwavering stubbornness. Sometimes that’s what it takes.

Now he owns five thriving businesses: a kitchen company; a marketing company helping small businesses; a real estate investment firm, showing people how to increase their returns, and a financial services company providing free education and recommendations to people who want to achieve their dreams.

The greatest value to him is showing others how to discover and realize their potential. As a coach, there is nothing more rewarding than helping his students and partners succeed.

Derek Loepp

Lifetime Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Derek Loepp is a lifetime entrepreneur who acts with passion and purpose in everything he does. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Real Purpose Group of Companies, an organization which focuses on real estate, health/wellness and business consulting. An executive in the financial services industry, with more than eighteen years of leadership experience, Derek oversees Real Purpose Properties, Real Purpose Holdings and Real Purpose | Real Results.

He possesses an in-depth knowledge across many markets and industries with a unique flair for real estate. He is considered a change leader with an incredible ability to influence others while building strong relationships. Boasting a robust and diverse background in sales servicing, process methodology, best practice development, and business consulting, people have described him as a strategic thinker who is innovative, creative, and focused. His expertise lies in the ability

He aspires to travel the world, offering motivational and mentoring opportunities through large-group speaking engagements. There is no problem that Derek can’t solve. He is a practical optimist; his problem-solving skills transcend what normal people consider possible.

Ask him how he’s doing and he’ll say, “I love my life!” Why? Because of what business consulting and real estate has and continues to provide for him. He is fiercely loyal to his family, friends, and business partners. He is deeply in love with his partner in life, love, and business, Jamie, and cherishes the time he spends with their five sons.

Naureen Punjani

Service Based Specialist

A leader, volunteer and problem solver – Naureen believes in the power of hope, collaboration, and building bridges. Born to a family of modest means in one of the poorest parts of the world, Naureen worked tirelessly to carry herself and her family out of the jaws of poverty and isolation and broke the barriers of violence and judgement.

Pouring into her life and career her personal experience of triumph of endeavor over adversity, Naureen firmly believes in continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence and empowering people so that organizations are able to reach their highest growth potential.

Her qualifications in cost and management accounting and internal controls, along with over two decades of financial management experience in South East Asia, the Middle East, and North America, has helped her contribute meaningfully to the development of organizations she has worked or volunteered with.

After working in various industries, Naureen and her husband Rafiq now own and operate multiple businesses in Canada, in sectors such as bookkeeping and financial management, commercial cleaning franchising, home health care and real estate. They have won multiple local and international accolades for their excellent and record-breaking management skills.

Naureen and her family volunteer a large portion of their time for their community. Naureen serves on board of directors of various community organizations.


Written By Successful Entrepreneurs

"From Broke To Success is the guide you need to read that details what it takes to grow into greatness. The powerful strategies shared inside these chapters can ascend you into higher achievement if acted upon. The authors involved bring a dynamic collaboration of personal accounts all aimed at enriching the next generation of entrepreneurs and professional leaders. Written by champions for future champions! After reading this book you will have a brave new outlook on business and career! Fortune favours the bold!"

- Valen Vergara, COO of Origenne Corp, Chairman of Infraplanet Corporation.

“As a business, we are constantly seeking out ideas and proven strategies to strengthen our company with increased growth and profitability. From Broke to Success offers many key points, proven techniques and reminders of what is required for your business to properly plan, take action and continually re-visit to achieve your goals. This book offers a Power House of knowledge with experiences from six “real world” authors. I was energized from cover to cover, with great takeaways that I could immediately implement.”

-Derek Roth, President Adventure Power Products

“From Broke to Success’ smart, sincere and thoughtful approach to both personal and business growth hits on all cylinders. This is a book that you will definitely read more than once as it will act as a playbook for your life and business whether you are a novice or an aspiring expert in your field. As I continue to evolve as a human being and build my business, these authors have guided me, and continue to shape my future.”

- Sachit Mehra GM East India Company

“From Broke to Success really brought things down to earth. It was an easy read with a big message that was easily conveyed in the relatable writing and stories that make you think "this could be my life if I really want it to be." Speaking about change was really pointed at me and my experiences and this book just connected with me so much on that level. CONGRATS!!”

-Zahra A. Premji, Reporter CBC News Vancouver

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This will change your life.

Everyone benefits from learning from the experiences of others.

As you read about our successes and failures, apply this wisdom to your own life. Try to emulate the lifestyle of the entrepreneur that most inspires you, while also applying lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Setbacks happen, it’s only a matter of when.

You could reinvent the wheel, or you could get a copy of this book and save yourself years of trial & error.

Commit to lifelong learning.

Set realistic expectations and prepare for setbacks in advance. The stories within this book will be a resource for you to draw from if you find yourself feeling stuck or lost in the wilderness of business ownership.


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